Our Team



My name is Izabela and I have been working for Lincoln Animal Hospital for over 11 years. My love for animals has been always with me since I was a little girl. I got promoted to Practice Manager and I couldn’t be more happy for this opportunity. At Lincoln Animal Hospital I develop a special connection with our patients and owners. I am very happy to be part of a great team at our hospital.



Practice Manager

Hello, my name is Jenny. I have always loved animals as a young girl but I was unable to have a dog until I was older. Our family would often take care of our family friends’ pets when they are away or needed some nights off. I attended the University of Guelph for Animal Biology and graduated in 2015. I have been working on and off during my university years in animal related places; such as, SPCA, veterinary clinics, lab animals in the university, and etc. I have been part of Lincoln Animal Hospital since September 2015 and would like to meet you and your furry family members!!


Veterinary Assistant

Hi, my name is Kimiya. I am currently an SFU student, majoring in biology and hoping to apply to vet school in the coming year. I first joined Lincoln Animal Hospital as a volunteer in September 2018. I joined Lincoln to gain further experience and help owners give the best care possible to their furry friends. I have been learning more & more everyday about pet health and the best ways for them to continue a healthy lifestyle. As long as I remember, I always had a special place in my heart for all dogs, and up until moving to Canada I had a doggie of my own. I am now a mom to a beautiful kittie named “Cookie”.


Veterinary Assistant

Hello, I am Joanne. When I was in high school, my pet chihuahua, named Debbie got very sick to the point of euthanasia by misdiagnosis, but gladly she was saved by another veterinarian. Since then I promised her to be a caring and responsible vet when I grew up. In 2015, I graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the National Taiwan University and moved to Canada. I am currently registered in the National Examining Board for veterinarian recertification in Canada. Every moment I work in the veterinary field, I devote myself to taking care of each patient no matter what position I am in. I am also passionate about science communication, of course animal healthcare included! In my spare time I write articles about biotechnology and biomedicine.


Veterinary Assistant

Hey, I am Matilda and I joined the team near the end of 2018. I grew up with so many pets and always loved to be around different kinds of animals. I remember when I was young, my favorite place to visit was the zoo. In highschool, I knew I was very interested in animal biology and wanted to become a veterinarian one day. I have volunteered at few of the local animal hospitals in my highschool senior year and I wanted to continue in the veterinary medicine field. So here I am today working as a veterinary assistant! I couldn’t be more happier. Oh also I have a dog, named Daisy and cat, named Namoo.