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Welcome to Lincoln Animal Hospital

We are a full-service small animal hospital that has been providing care for the past 16 years. Our wonderful and highly-trained team of veterinarians and caring staff is dedicated to excellence in medicine, preventative care, surgery, and dentistry. We are known for providing high-quality veterinary care with compassionate exceptional customer service. 

Your pet is a member of your family, and as soon as they put a paw on Lincoln Animal Hospital, they become part of our family.

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New Clients

We always welcome new clients and patients to our beloved full-service veterinary practice.

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For appointments or questions about procedures, please email or call. Contact us

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Our Team

At Lincoln Animal Hospital, we’re passionate about what we do. And we strive as a team to provide you with progressive, comprehensive and affordable veterinary care.

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Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on offering personalized and compassionate care for you and your pet. Get in touch if you’d like to know more, or if you have special requests or considerations—we will attempt to accommodate all requests to the best of our ability.

For appointments or questions about procedures call 604-945-5048.

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Routine Check-Ups

Routine wellness checks can help diagnose, treat, or prevent health problems. We believe prevention is the best cure for most ailments. That means regular check-ups and vaccinations to keep your pet in top shape.

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Dental Care

Professional dental cleaning removes not only the visible plaque and tartar on the teeth surfaces but also the bacteria under the gums. This eliminates potential sources of infection to the mouth and other organs and protects your pet.


Our veterinarians adhere to the highest level of standards for all surgical procedures. Our highly skilled doctors place the utmost emphasis on pain management to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable throughout the treatment process.

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Medical Care

Pet medical care is the treatment of any illness or injury through the use of medications and nursing care. For this to be successful there must be a correct diagnosis, and a complete understanding of the disease process and of the medications.

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Thousands of pets become lost every day, and microchip identification is the one reliable way to reunite these lost pets with their owners. The procedure is safe, easy, inexpensive, and practically painless.

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Spays & Neuters

If you are shopping around for a competitive price on this procedure, be sure to question the type of anesthetic used, the type of pain management provided, and the monitoring equipment and procedures followed.

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High-Quality Nutrition

Consult with our team on food and nutrition products fit for your pets’ specialized dietary needs.

Call: 604-945-5048

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